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Mothers Day Classic

May 9, 2011

On Sunday, Mum and I did the 4km walk for the Mothers Day Classic, along the waterfront in Geelong. We walked from Eastern Beach, up around the botanical gardens and back.

It was quite a nice walk and the rain held off until we reached the finish line.

Mum and I at the finish line

The walk was really easy-maybe next year we’ll do 8km?-and the crowd of pink was pretty cool. It was a bit cold, but nothing some soup and crusty bread back at Mum’s couldn’t fix.

So Happy Mothers Day to my Mum. And thanks to the ressies and staff at her work who helped us raise $60 for breast cancer research.

Footy fan in the making

May 1, 2011
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I think I’m becoming a Tigers fan. (I mean The Richmond Tigers AFL team, in case you are reading this and aren’t from Melbourne).

This may not seem too exciting- most people have a sports team they follow, can say they are a ‘fan’ of. Most kids pick one footy team and stick to it, forever. Back home, in a one AFL team town, you picked Geelong or (if you don’t really like football) Geelong was chosen for you. I was a bit more indecisive. For some reason I liked the underdogs, the interstate teams who were new to the competition. The Brisbane Bears (with a Koala, how Aussie is that?!), Fremantle Dockers, Sydney Swans and finally the Adelaide Crows.  I think I liked them since they had better mascots or something.

My Mum’s family lives in Adelaide (well most of them anyway) so she’s a Crows fan. So are my Aunts, Uncles (except Uncle M, who goes for the Blues), Nanna and my cousins. Note the absence of Port Adelaide Power from the above- I think I may have been renounced if I had gone there. It’s possible I simply decided on the Crows to have something in common with my younger, sports mad, boy cousins.

When I was seven and eight Adelaide was winning premierships (back to back may I add!) and the Tigers were not. The Crows have at least made it to the finals since. The Tigers seem to be runners up for the Wooden Spoon every year. They don’t win, but they don’t get the good draft picks either. A majorly buggered team.

Dad has been a Tigers fan forever. He had six siblings, and they all picked a different football team (with everyone’s second team being Geelong). Ever since I began noticing things, Dad has bought a Richmond membership each year. Gets a hat and scarf. Watches the games on TV (Dad will watch any sport playing). Sometimes I would too. We even went to a few Adelaide v. Richmond games, particularly when my cousins were over. But in general Dad wouldn’t go to the actual game.

Then the other weekend I was at home for a friend’s 21st and Dad suggests we go to the footy. Take the train up to Melbourne and go. So we did. And it was awesome.

The first game we saw, we splashed out- bought good tickets and ate the ridiculously expensive food at Etihad Stadium. We got there so early we were in the very front row, right next to the race (the bit where the players run out). The cheer squad put the banner up right in front of us.

Tigers v. Kangaroos, neither team had a win on the ladder and it was Round 5. The Tigers kept the Roos at bay and they WON. OMG.

Singing the team song in the stands surrounded by other fans was awesome. Addictive even.

So we went again.

Tigers v. Brisbane. A Tigers home game, at the MCG. Cheaper tickets and Dad got in for free. Food was still expensive but nicer-until Dad’s dentures broke when he was eating his wrap…

Still could have been in the front row-because we were still ridiculously early and watched three quarters of the pre-match (not a VFL game, but the Northern Bullants and Greater Western Sydney, who want to join the major competition in 2012. From what I saw GWS need to lift their game. They go thrashed). But after going up to the top level to check out the view, we decided a few rows back was best.

Like I did the first time, I bought a Record and marked the scores during the game-I started to remember players names (Especially Houli. Dad dislikes Houli. I like Nassan. He ‘has a go’ as Dad says). There was another guy about Dad’s age sitting near us who Dad got to sort of chat with (well, agree with what he yelled out anyway).  The Auskick kids were cute, and quite talented. And the Tigs won AGAIN. From BEHIND. OMG!

I can’t wait to go again. It’s great to have something to keep me in touch with my Dad. I liked the feel of being in the crowd, and loved singing the Tigers theme song. Someone suggested it is perhaps the best theme song in the AFL to sing (and he’s is Cats fan).  And you meet like-minded souls- like the kid behind me at the second match. He was about six, wearing a Collingwood jumper, had a Brisbane inflatable hand and was cheering and yelling at both teams.

So I think I might be a Tigers fan now, or I’m at least getting there. Yellow and Black!